Friday, February 22, 2008

Blender: We Aren't Even Pretending To Make An Effort Anymore

Blender has set a new standard in committee-think with their composite Britney cover.

Not only do they put the poor tart's head on an uncredited model's body (which is probably, sadly, in her portfolio), they puss out by flagging the image as a composite. To pile insult upon injury, the tragic and desperate use of the word 'truthiness' is an exercise in pathos.

As if this wasn't enough pussing out, the composition suggests that hitting rock bottom means smoking cigarettes and drinking diet Red Bull. Hello? It's Brit-ney Spe-ars.


Anonymous said...

In their defense, posting Britney's current body would probably kill off half of their readership.

Mike said...

That red bull doesn't look diet to me